Welcome to the CCLC!

The College of Computing Learning Center is located in Rekhi Hall, Room 118. The coaches are available according to the schedule here.

Visit the Learning Center website.

The CCLC coaches are available to help ALL Michigan Tech students with their Computing classes.

Visit the CCLC webpage.

Curious about the coaches? Feel free to come in and chat with us! Link here to learn more about us.

Come to Rekhi 118 during walk-in hours and pop your question into the Question Queue! This will act as a waitlist and will give the coaches a heads-up for what you need help with. Please only add a question when the CCLC is open for walk-in hours, as the queue will not be monitored at other times.

Canvas The CCLC is sharing information with students and posting short tutorials and quizzes to help students review topics required for supported courses.
Self-enroll in the CCLC Canvas page here: https://mtu.instructure.com/enroll/KWFTJ9
Then link directly to the CCLC Canvas page here: https://mtu.instructure.com/courses/1265465

Join the Discord The CCLC Discord is a place where students can ask coaches questions. Coaches can provide quick pointers and help Please make note of the rules and instructions on the welcome page.

Although the CCLC guarantees support only for the courses below, many coaches can help with other classes. For a list of classes each coach has taken, please visit the Meet the Coaches page.

CS 1111 (Introduction to Programming in C/C++)
CS 1121 (Introduction to Programming I)
CS 1122 (Introduction to Programming II)
CS 1131 (Accelerated Introduction to Programming)
CS 1142 (Programming at the HW/SW Interface)
CS 2311 (Discrete Structures)
CS 2321 (Data Structures)

The CCLC coaches are here to help you learn, not to do your work for you! You are free to get in contact to get homework help, assistance with broad topics, programming tips, and more.

Link to the CCLC webpage on the College of Computing website here.

If you have questions or suggestions for content on the CCLC Canvas page, please send an email to Leo Ureel (ureel@mtu.edu).